GET Global Engineering and Trade GmbH

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Spezialised on Machines and Spare Parts for the Food / Meat and other Industries


Kilia Food Machine Technology GmbH, Germany

Since 90 years leading Brand for andvanced and unique:

  • Meat / Food Machines 
  • Bakery Machiens 
  • Packaging Machines 


MARINEX GmbH, Germany

A Shipping, Engineering, Trading and Logistic company ( together with AYKOR, located in Türkiye and USA (


  • Defense / Homeland Security
  • Airborne
  • Marine / Survey Systems
  • Oil and Gas
  • Rolling Stock Systems
  • Fire Fighting / Rescue Systems
  • Subsea / Underwater
  • Customized Spare Parts Service
  • Customized Procurement


NESS Wärmetechnik GmbH, Germany

The company provides high-quality heating systems for a wide range of processes in different industrial areas (concrete- and construction industry, wood industry, paper industry and oil industry, etc.) (  


  • Thermal Oil Heating Systems
  • Process Heat Generator
  • Electrical Heaters
  • Steam and Hot Water Generators
  • Thermal Afterburning 
  • Solid Fuel Firing
  • Pulverized Lignite Firing (BKS)

OAS AG, Germany

A leading company for MES Software (Manufacturing Execution Software) (


  • MES provides a single interface to an ERP System (SAP)
  • MES connects the production machines independent of the machine‘s „intelligence“
  • MES fully integrates different machines.
  • MES Software standardizes the Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the Operators on the shop floor
  • MES Software allows an integrated and transparent manufacturing process including a single recipe for all used machines
  • MES guarantees tracking & tracing throughout the entire production sequence.
  • MES collects and stores additional process information with the batch log.

Hentschke & Sawatzki GmbH, Germany

A leading company for very advanced Systems of Pest Control with own products ( /


  • All kind of products for Pest Control
  • Detergents

Strategic Analytics, UK

An international operating consulting company


  • with key offices in London and Shanghai,
  • with expertise in different industrial platforms,
  • focused on working with leadership teams to enhance growth and margin for their customers
  • with excellent contacts to Private Equity companies and their portfolio companies